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by David P Encill & Stuart Summers

As promised in my latest book on Chance glassware (Chance Additions), the continuation of research would continue on a website. Here it is.


This site does not duplicate much information from the old site, so please refer to for more details of colours, shapes and patterns.


Listed in the categories are many new finds, including a few more examples of the fabled Aqualux slumped glass and Flora pressed glass ranges.


The tongue-in-cheek title refers to this being a third (and final) compilation of Chance glassware. Being a website there are no constraints over the size of the publication and deadlines do not exist, so this research will continue ad infinitum. Hence "final".


Let's just see where it takes us. To see all the finds following the publication of Chance Expressions and Chance Additions, just browse the Galleries.


Got Something Interesting?

Drop us a mail and attach an image of your item: we keep getting surprised by what people find. It need not be made by Chance Brothers and items with labels are always of interest.




Go to:



A new page created for Links to other sites that are promoting the heritage and history of Chance Brothers. See About > Links

In trying to unravel all the different Lace and Swirl examples that exist, a new page has been started to try and identify all the different makers of these patterns.

Swirl pattern

A new Green Leaves pattern has surfaced, which is the twelfth known in the series. It is assumed this is the last pattern.

Green Leaves No12.jpg
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